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Why We Don't Have a Static Logo Anymore

When we started to think about where to next take uforepublic as a brand and company, one of our initial thoughts and a common reflex, was to redesign our logo and all brand collateral. It somehow didn‘t sit right with us.

Looking at the past year (read 2020), we believe that agility and the ability to quickly adapt are a big advantage for every company. We want to be able to better explore opportunities and make use of this agility to benefit ourselves as we reset our own brand.

Our aim is to provide uforepublic with a maximum of creative freedom to change, adapt and even mutate into entirely new or different forms over time.

As a result, the new uforepublic won’t be tied to a static logo meant destined to age. It rather is our story, a feeling and an ongoing of possibilities, better equipped to flow with time.

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